Elodie Barrat Makeup

Elodie Barrat, freelance makeup artist based in Paris, started her carrer working as a key makeup artits in cinema, then was part of the Peter Philips team at Dior. That’s when she discovered her true passion: fashion and beauty. Elodie now works on prestigious beauty videos, cutting edge editorial, fashion and beauty advertising, runway
shows, celebrities.

Brands she works for are Dior, Roger Vivier, magazines Numero, Vogue, Flaunt, PAP, and regularly with celebrities such as Johnny Depp.
The photographers has worked with are Mario Sorrenti, Brett Lloyd, Maeva Delacroix, Fanny Latour-Lambert, Ellen Von Unwerth, Mélanie + Ramon, Luc Braquet, Jackie Nickerson, Bastiaan Woudt, Charlotte Abramow, Loic
Rodriguez, Rob Rusling, Josh Olins, Joan Braun, Emmanuel Giraud . She also works with up and coming designers like Clara Daguin

GQ France X Rob Rusling

Johnny Depp X Dior X Silvan & Flurin Giger


Emmanuel Giraud X Simon & Raymond Baur

Camille Razat X Roger Vivier


Harper’s Bazaar China X Emmanuel Giraud

Suzanne Lindon X Flaunt X Emmanuel Giraud

Dior Prestige X Maëva Delacroix

Tina Leung X Patou

Dark Matter – PAP Magazine July 2023


Diane Tassigny X X Virgile Reboul

Alexandre Mattuissi X GQ China

Dior SPA X Mélanie + Ramon

Elena X Pierre-Marin Delaisi

Dior Capture Totale x Maeva Delacroix

Lisa Do Couto X Lucie Sassiat

Madeleine Bax x Sheraz Debbich

Sandor Funtek X Emmanuel Giraud

Johnny Depp – 76e Cannes Film Festival

Chanel Couture X Commons & Sense

Juliette Armanet – 76e Cannes Film Festival

Roger Vivier x Ella Richards

Roger Vivier X Marco Cella

Puss Puss x Marco Cella


Alice Isaaz X Emmanuel Giraud

Dior Lucibel

Etienne Daho x Studio L’étiquette

Dior Sustainability x Jean-Marie Binet

Dior X Elle Macpherson

Johnny Depp

Kim Jones x Jackie Nickerson

Juliette Armanet X César 2023

Kylian Mbappé X Dior

I-D Mag x Mario Sorrenti

Numéro x Corentin Leroux

Bastiaan Woudt

Dior Capture Totale

Nadia Tereszkiewicz X Les Inrockuptibles

Dior Solar

Vogue Arabia x Emmanuel Giraud

Juliette Armanet “Flamme”

Behind the blinds

Elena X Pierre-Marin Delaisi

La Redoute X Kevin Germanier

Lisa Do Couto X Lucie Sassiat

Roger Vivier X Marco Cella

Kim Jones x Brett Lloyd

Juliette Armanet x Thibault Théodore

Yilan x Marine Reed

Dior x Emma Le Doyen

Rogier Vivier x Marco Cella

Christian Serratos X Dior Beauty

Rouge x Rebecca Lafaye

Roger Vivier x Alan Marty x Mélanie Rey

Lisa Do Couto X Lucie Sassiat

Roger Vivier X Marco Cella

Dior x Joan Braun

Roger Vivier x Alan Marty

Dior x Brett Llyod

Dior-Sacai x Brett Llyod

GQ X Rob Rusling

Chiara x Marine Reed

Maye Musk

Roger Vivier x Ilaria D’Atri

Dior La Mousse X Maëva Delacroix

Dior x Nhu Xuan Hua

Dior x Brett Lloyd

Dior x Camille Vivier

Dior x Laura Jane Coulson

Dior Snow – Maëva Delacroix

Dior x Brett Lloyd

Roger Vivier x Ilaria D’Atri

Les Récupérables x Lucie Sassiat

Dior x Estelle Hanania

Louis Vuitton

Jazmin x Rebecca Lafaye

Dior Hydra Life x Maëva Delacroix

Les Récupérables x Lucie Sassiat

Alice x Marine Reed

Dior x Morgan O’Donovan

DiorShow X Jules Jarossay

Roger Vivier x Ilaria D’Atri

Dior x Morgan O’Donovan

Les Nymphéas x Maëva Delacroix

Vogue X Giambattista Valli

Elena – Cannes Film Festival 2023

Dior x Chinese Valentine’s Day

Hamidah – Cannes Film Festival 2023

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